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Default Re: Nozzle spray angle...

Personally, I'd return this methanol and discard the mix.
Any milkyness while mixing should disappear within say less than a minute. Mine never went milky, just some schlieren.
Milkyness means there is a phase separation, so droplets of one fluid in an other fluid. Methanol does not do that. Enthalpy of mixing and solubility too great. Your methanol contains a compount that is insoluble in water, but disolves in methanol.

Get fresh pure methanol, best in original containers. The residues, maybe even polymeric in nature, may clog your pump, valves and nozzles over time.
If the residue is soluble in pure methanol, I would flush the system and nozzles with pure fresh methanol and check the spray pattern of all jets before any driving.

My engine was always knock limited. Knock happend before peak torque could be reached.
More mix allowed to gain more torque once ignition timing was optimized. I never went as far as finding the limit for the boost employed as mix consumption become too high for my track use and tank size. Power was good enough. Lotus Elise Mk1.
Only constant factor was that much richer than some 0.75 or some 11, give or take a bit, and achievable power of my set-up dropped under methanol water. 0.8 was fine, 0.85 was fine, 0.9 was fine. 0.7 it did not like as combustion went slow. I did not discriminate between initiation vs flame front speed. No ignition advance would compensate, so likely flame front speed.

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