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Default What does that knob do mister ?

I have just fitted some larger fuel injectors which means using the GAIN
control on the HFS3 to increase the W/M injection rate. I calculate that
I need a gain of around 38% and access the controller to make the
adjustment. Bearing in mind that I have to make a WOT pull to redline to
log the HSV duty, I figure it would be a good idea to get the gain setting
in the right ballpark before taking to the road.

This is when some questions arise for which searching has been no help...
1. Does the control turn ACW or CW to increase the gain ?
2. If there are five settings either side of "12 o'clock", is it correct to say
that one step in the positive direction is +40%, and one step in the other
direction is -5% ?
3. Do the trimmers actually have a fixed number of finite steps or are they
in fact fully variable between their stated limits ?

Someone has to ask the "dumb" questions

Cheers... jondee86
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