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Default Re: Injecting prior to turbo comp' impellers

It's been a while! I didn't even remember posting in this thread 14 years ago! I'm still messing around with turbo set ups, although they have grown a little since the early days. I re read this whole thread through to familiarise myself with findings and data from the past. Unfortunately for me there is nothing to compare to what we are trying to achieve.
I'd like to ask a couple of things from the technical guys here. I worked out that my total CFM capability of the engine/turbo combination is 5803cfm. This is an 8.6ltr V8 with twin 102mm turbos and based on 85% VE.
The system i'm using is a home brewed boost pressurised bottle with a 3 way switched by the ECU solenoid. The reasoning for this is keep it simple to find out how good it works first. 62psi of boost is the current level we are at.
This is being done for one reason. IAT's are 380f on meth with no intercooler. There is no room for the latter, so we figured this would be cheap and quick method to test.
The nozzles are aquamist 1.2mm check valve ones (440cc/min @ 60psi) mounted 1 inch from the compressor wheel. This was figured by holding the nozzle in my hand at 60psi, and "measuring" the cone. That distance makes the cone the approximate size of the inlet (102mm).

Obviously all of this is guesswork,and our R+D will tell us if it works or not. As helpful as Richard L is he can't tell us what we need to use as he has no data to back it up.We have plenty of sensors to know if our set up works or not.
It would be interesting to know if the nozzles we have now will be in the 2 to 3 % range, or will we be pissing in the wind...
Any tech guys left on this thread?
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