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Originally Posted by rotrex View Post
Get fresh pure methanol, best in original containers. The residues, maybe
even polymeric in nature, may clog your pump, valves and nozzles over
time. If the residue is soluble in pure methanol, I would flush the system
and nozzles with pure fresh methanol and check the spray pattern of all
jets before any driving.
Yes, the original delivery is being returned and will be replaced by a fresh
delivery in a new (unused) container. I shall test a sample before mixing any
for my spraying system. I shall also rinse my spray tank with pure methanol
as you suggest, to remove any residue remaining from the contaminated mix.

The car was not driven or the pump activated while the contaminated mix
was in the tank. I removed the tank and washed it thoroughly with water
after dumping the contents. So I think the system will be OK.

Cheers... jondee86
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