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Default Re: HFS4 coil whine when set to DR1

Originally Posted by Richard L View Post
the DR1 should not be used with car with EWG, email me so I can set you the correct diagram.
Hello Richard,

I have a PWG and I used this diagram I found on this forum:

Except the two red wires from the 'POWER INPUT' and the 'ECU' harness.
I tapped them from the cigar jack lighter fuse instead because I noticed the red/green 12v feed from the ECU wakes up as soon as I insert the key and stays active even after shutting down the engine and removing the key.
Instead of dropping down to 0v immediately, it stayed at 12v for a while (30 seconds to a minute from faint memory) and start tapering down to 2v slowly.
I didn't think this observed behavior is ideal as a switched power source so I avoided it.

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