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Default Re: Direct port injection nozzle location

Originally Posted by Autosri View Post
Iím looking to go to a direct port setup very soon and il be using 6 of the smallest flowing aqua mist nozzles and a 7th before the IAT sensor to make up the rest My target is around 450-500 crank hp

All the installs Iíve seen have the nozzles on top of the manifolds on full view but Iíd like to keep it a bit more sleeper and have them underneath

Is this a problem? If so why is it a problem ?

This is on a bmw n54 straight 6

That way you'll have to remove the intake manifold every time you need to service the nozzles.
But many N54 guys do it with a sandwich plate.
Twisted Tuning sells a good product that supports aquamist nozzles.
I also have one (tapped for aquamist nozzles) and I can sell it to you for cheap if you need it.
I figured top mount works better for me so I ended up not using it.

Here's the link for the product:

Let me know if you're interested.
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