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Wink Re: HFS3 - GTI 5 Setup

Btw, something to add. Although this is a GTI almost everything that can make it an S3 has been done.
So S3 injectors, S3 boost pressure Censor, K04 Turbo etc.

So tonight I found I can get it to kick in under lower revs just by adjusting the dial right back.... but it still doesnít kick in under boost load.

I then changed across to an MPS based trigger and that works perfectly.

So if I know MPS works and is reading the Censor. Why would the System not work under boost ?
Could it be the setting on the board for the different Map Censor ranges ? But then why would it work under MPS ?

Iíll try fiddle a little more today.

Another thing. Why would my hfs3 board be set to custom ?
What does that change ?
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