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Default Re: L200 2.5 Commonrail

This is interesting.

I like to stay at this option for a bit longer if you can be patient with me. I can certainly make the H3 obey boost only.

Please run this test for me so we know what the HFS3 is seeing via the yellow wire:

Put red DVM probe to test point 16
Black probe to gng (bottom left of the test points)

0-5V = 0-100% DC

Please tell me the voltage readings at:

1. idle
2. Cruise
3. Acceleration
4. WOT

Let me know if at any point the voltage drops, especially ~3200 to 3800rpm.

If you want to use MAP sensor only.

Cut PWM on the underside of the circuit board. Solder link MPS. The H3 will follow 0-5V MPS signal fully - no IDC input...

You will of course need to trigger the system via MPS. jumper link.
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