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Default Re: Running Pure Meth - Use UEGO as failsafe?

Originally Posted by Richard L View Post
That is a much sensible approach, monitoring a location where you have reached a full capacity. You basically monitor one point, hardign wourth getting a guage. You can get a flow switch at much lower cost and achieve the same result.

This method will only work if you have a progressive boost only system. But beware the afr will be different under different gears.
I'm leaning towards the AFR approach because it'l tell me if there's something wrong with the whole fuel system, not just the w/m system. But I might just try the flow switch approach. Thanks for the idea

Originally Posted by keithmac View Post
I made my own failsafe with 2 transistors,a potentiometer and a 5 pin relay, was a while back but it cost less than ?10 for the bits..
I'm planning on using a Hobbs switch, 5v relay and use piggy for 2D afr/rpm signal - crude but should work at full boost

Other topic. Is the pump flow directly related to voltage? (ie. 8volts = 50% flow; 12volts = 100% flow) Or does the controller send pulses to control flow?
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