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Default Re: RX7 rotary power, meth or water?

Originally Posted by dlheman View Post
Looking great mate.

Truly inspiring!
Even more inspiring is they still go = durability.
The R34 is close enough or more than the ever quoted willy nilly ~1000bhp mark, and the RX7 is at least as fast and according to the owner actually faster, he is a performance agnostic so no vested interests here, just facts.

Below is a direct comparison within a few days of each other.
Please note, my actual physical power measure is factual, to give it some context a turbo Lotus I put on a Mainline chassis dyno through the tires will make about 420rwhp and on my measure will do 380rwhp, so make of the figures what you will I don't care for dyno racing pissing contests too many bullshit figures out there and lets not even talk about BS American standards on hype/guess machines they use !

Regardless, measure the acceleration at 200kph and compare them and you quickly separate the hype from reality......

RX7 on the left, R34 GTR on the right. Both cars stupidly fast both still running WM50 FTMFW! For those that are technically minded, same turbo on each car, both well exceeding the listed turbo upper speed limit (we establish our own through testing). Rotary engine does about 90bhp/lt/bar and piston around 100bhp/lt/bar. Turbo is a balance of decent power but with true road going ability as proven below.

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