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Default Re: One or two nozzles?

Two or one is less important on all aquamist nozzles, read ...

It is a balance between line pressure and nozzle size. Smaller nozzles normally requires higher pressure to produce a good atomised spray vice versa of the larger nozzle requires less. In general, higher pressure always yields better atomisation on both. So matching the two variables will give you the best outcome possible. In practise, it depends on what pump is available to you.

On more advanced system nozzle design, it is possible to produce near-similar atomisation quality between small and large nozzles. This is similar to a variable vane turbocharger design. The design of the spinner spiral groove angle and groove cross-sectional area. The faster the fluid travels past those grooves produce better atomisation requires less pressure.

Each one of the aquamist CVJ nozzle from 85cc to 320cc/m use a different spinners. It basically nulls out the requirement of extreme pressures to achieve good atomisation. On larger nozzles 320 to 750cc/m only requires four variations to achieve the same.

The next consideration is the exit angle of the orifice wall. This controls the angle of spray and and spread droplet sizes (hollow to full cone). Our nozzle creates a semi-hollow cone to produce a spread of droplet sizes. This prolongs the evaporation rate along the charge pipe, taking up less volume against the incoming charge air.
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