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Default Re: What exactly is Tephra alt-map fail safe

Tephra can be contacted on the evolutionM forum:

Tephra has the abililty to access and create tables and maps on EVO8, 9 and X. The switching of an alterative map is activated via an unallocated pin on the factory ECU. On the X, he overrides and existing pin intended for reading tank temperature (note: on the X, US, J and EUDM ECU pinout variations applies).

He is one very cleaver guy, Cobb has put him under their payroll but you can still get his patch free, just send him your ECU info and he will workout the ROM location for you. Most people (non trader) just sends him a small donation for him to reward his effort. Completely optional.

The HFS-3 can interface with his patch, reducing boost (any level) and alter timing when failsafe is activated.
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