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Default Re: HFS-3 install Opel Astra OPC

Thanks Richard...

The pump wires have been sealed - thanks to your advice when I was still deciding how to place the system components.

The turbo is still stock K04-based unit, I think with the current setup I basically squeezed all the juice out of it )))

On the RR my boost was a bit on the low side for some reason (1,35 bar as per chart below - the RR operator said the sensor calibration was off a bit ant 0,07 bar should be added to the chart), normally I get 1,5 bar peak boost, but it's only in the midrange - upper the rev range it's the turbo flow capacity that limits the boost already. So, bottom line, I possibly have higher torque in the midrange with the current setup actually, but the max power figure is as per chart above, and there is hardly any chance to further increase it without changing the turbo (or maybe spraying w/m on the compressor wheel ))).

My AFR is already pretty lean, and my ignition angle is at the knock edge already under load (with WMI - but I still have to test it with higher meth concentration) so no power gain reserves here I think. The car is also a daily driver, used every day year round, and the fuel quality in Russia is still far from the EU/UK standards...
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