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Default Re: RX7 rotary power, meth or water?

First run of the day always on the initial application with the air pockets being compressible result in a high reading on the indicated water flow rate (~22% above normal flow range), this then after ~0.5 seconds (air bubbles gone) is back to normal.

NOTE: Never found it in reality being a problem, even on more knock sensitive engines, it does not show up on traces for this first initial application anyway (car has to sit over night to develop them). So its a non issue. I don't know what others do? but every car I look after has Life Racing based ECU with per engine cycle per cylinder constant knock logging and we don't see any ill effects.

On that note you do know when the WI system is not set up right, so on a quick transient reapplication especially when running 36psi on a rotary engine on the street with pump petrol, you can have the engine controller shutting things down if the knock level gets too high to preserve the parts in that chamber.

All in all though, as stated that question of yours I hope I explained is not a problem in reality, it does not trip to open flow limit in the Aquamist which defines if you have a leak in the system, and it has no end effect seen on knock level either, not from what I have seen anyway. Based on ~50,000km testing on multiple cars over 3 years or so, all running on knock limit and over turbo speed limits 'highly stressed'.
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Default Re: RX7 rotary power, meth or water?

Efr91 or 83 on this car? Damn moves (Y)
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