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Old 25-04-2017, 05:58 PM
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Default Meth versus fuel IDC question

Hi all,

I am fine tuning my MAF scaling to account for all the meth I am injecting, and would like to know how the HFS4 initiate meth injection when the THRESHOLD, GAIN and P/I-R are all at mid point (default setting)...

As an example, when the trigger point is at 42% F-IDC, does the HFS4 meth injection match the F-IDC of 42% (F-IDC = HFS4 DC), or does it start very progressively and only inject at say 10% DC!?
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Old 26-04-2017, 06:18 AM
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Default Re: Meth versus fuel IDC question

P/I-R at mid point, meth follows 50% on MPS and 50% on IDC. If you want IDC only, set this trimmer fully clockwise.
Richard L
aquamist technical support
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