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Default New RX7-summer v3 and wiring instructions

RX7 has an an unconventional fuel delivery system, comprised of two injector driving channels. Commonly known as Primary and Secondary circuits. The onset of injection is staged, Only the primary circuit fuels the engine from idle. When the duty cycle of the primary injector reaches 50%, the secondary injector commences. At this point, the duty cycle of both injectors instantly change to 25%. From here on, they operate as one until the duty cycle is maxed out.

Because of...

this strange configuration, it is not easy to predict the combined fuel flow into the engine. Since all aquamist systems delivers methanol based on fuel flow so we have designed a injector signal conditioning unit to track and sum both set of injectors for the purpose of metering methnol demand by the engine in real time. Accurate to 1cc per minute, these device has been in service in 1998 and has help over 100 RX7 car equipped with a IDC based methanol injectioon system.

Aquamist has always ...
believed methanol injection should be kept at a predictable ratio to the amount of fuel ingested by an engine. The fuel injector signal is the result of hundreds of engineering hours, mapping in all the possible variables from multiple sensors. So why based the methanol flow on a one dimensional boost signal? So we designed this "summer" unit to acompany our methanol injection systems.

pdf download here


pdf download here


instruction in pdf format: download here

Richard L
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