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Old 20-01-2020, 09:32 PM
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Default Real world data from Pre Turbo WI

Just thought i'd post up here after speaking to Richard today. We have been long time (14 years) turbo proponents, particularly street legal drag racing.
We did use WI with nitrous way back in the day, but ever since then we haven't dabbled with it.
We decided to give it another go having talked with our USA tuner, and a super stock tractor puller in the UK. Basically we were seeing 360f inlet temps, and meth injection (through fuel injectors) wasn't making that much of a difference.
I spoke to Richard last year to get a couple of his biggest nozzles to do a simple pre turbo system, as i didn't want to spend a fortune on a system if it didn't make a difference.
So we had a 1 litre bottle made, pressurised from the turbo inlet, used a Turbosmart solenoid to feed the 1.2+mm Aquamist nozzles and gave it a go. I tested the cone before hand at 60psi to see how far away from the turbo wheel they should be placed, and made up a holder to sit right in front of the nut.
The upshot is that the system on at 60psi for less than 4 seconds kept the inlet temps at 170f instead of 360f. We did 4 full 1/4 mile runs to test this system and the data was the same on each run. This used .8 litre per pass with the 2 nozzles. This was water only. No methanol in the WI. Car runs on methanol at the track.

It's hard to quantify performance as we changed a few things from the last set of runs we did, but the inlet temps were astounding in comparison to the previous temps.

This is a 4350hp std bore space Big Block Chevy with twin 102mm turbos, and twin MoTeC M800's. 1/4mile time is 5.87 @ 263.7mph, and 1/8 mile is 3.96 @ 208mph. Car weighs 3050lbs, which is 70 lbs heavier than when it drives on the street.

Just thought folk would be interested in a bit of real world data, rather than a debate on "will it work or won't it?".
Andy Frost,driver of the Worlds fastest, and Europe's quickest and fastest street legal car
0-208mph 3.96 secs
0-263.7mph 5.87 secs
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