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Default SAE: Reduction of Diesel Engine Emissions by Water Injection (introduction & link)

"SAE holds the copyright to this document and will not grant permission
for posting it on public sites. So you have to pay $24 to view it.
There is little we can do but provides the the abstract and link only."

SAE: Reduction of Diesel Engine Emissions by Water Injection

SAE.org publications (small payment required)

The paper discusses some aspects of injecting or adding water either into the intake air or to the fuel of a truck diesel engine in order to reduce harmful emissions. The effects of some interesting approaches of water addition are briefly discussed. On the basis of our experiments on a diesel truck engine with an in-line injection system, the following cases are considered: fuel/water emulsion injection into the combustion chamber; multi-point water injection into the air in the intake manifold; mono-point water injection before turbocharger as well as mono-point water injection after the turbocharger. For the fuel/water emulsion injection approach, the injection characteristics as well as the fuel spray characteristics are analyzed using the numerical simulation. On the basis of this analysis, the effects of injection and spray characteristics on emissions and other engine characteristics at several operating regimes are discussed for different fuel/water ratios.
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