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Question Re: Nozzle spray angle...

I have made a few logs since starting to use the 50/50 v/v mix of methanol.
One thing I noticed was that on a short pull in second gear, the spray only
started to have an impact on IAT when the engine was almost at redline.
This is even though spray will have commenced early in the run. Most of the
cooling effect happened after I lifted off the throttle.

So I made a bit of a run in fifth gear...

This slows things down to the point that the cooling effect can be seen in
effect during the run. The s/c discharge temperature rising and the IAT
falling. Presently I calculate that I am injecting about 21% mix to fuel ratio,
but I do have one smaller nozzle available.

This brings me to my question... should I be aiming for the kind of temp
drop shown in the graph, or should I be aiming to simply hold the IAT more
or less steady ?? Currently I don't have any fuel or ignition compensations
geared to the IAT, but the tables are available in the ECU.

The engine is running too rich at the top end, and I am working on that at
the moment. And my apologies for the clunky graphs, but the laptop I use
for logging is old and can't keep up with the sample rate at high rpm's

Cheers... jondee86

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