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Default Re: RICESP Water Injected RX7

Originally Posted by theboostshack View Post
Great work mate. Love watching you take it to the next level. I see you are using the twin solenoid manifold in that built. Are you using the larger pump in that build as well?
I enjoy seeing you and everyone else who does this seriously just as much, its what pushes all of us to do what we do. I remember the days when I was having 'debates' with total nobodies and self professed experts about the merits of water injection, such a fucking waste of my time. Today (not that it needed it!) while there is still ample bullshit and commentary from the youtube scammers and talking heads blogging their way to mediocrity one thing stands, and that is the total and utter superiority of water injection in the internal combustion engine. It's never been a better time to rediscover something that was proven so long ago.

Larger pumps in both cars now, correct.
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