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Old 17-02-2016, 10:57 AM
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Default HFS-6 Jet Sizing

I recently purchased a "new" (never installed) HFS-6 system, and I'm calculating the jet sizes I'll need for my setup. In doing so, I discovered that the jet sizing graph and table in both the printed and online manual are significantly different than the jet sizing graph on aquamist-direct (and Howerton Engineering, etc.).

For example, the HFS-6 manual indicates that a 0.6mm nozzle flows 352 cc/min @160psi, whereas the aquamist-direct graph indicates a 0.6mm nozzle will flow ~260cc/min.

Is the HFS-6 manual just plain wrong? I tried searching for information on this, as surely it's come up since the system was introduced in 2009, but I came up empty-handed.
Erik A.
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