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Old 31-12-2010, 10:14 AM
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Default RX7 rotary power, meth or water?

For years, 100% Methanol has been very popular on the rotary scene. What about water only?

Pete of Rice Racing of Australia, known to many in the Rotary community as a leading expert on 100% water injection on rotary. His approach is based on true and extensive experiments with the real world results will pick up the story from here...

W50:M50 appeared to be a good compromise for all-season applications.
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Default Re: RX7 rotary power, meth or water?

Thanks Richard

It's hard to recall all of the stuff I have worked on over the years, but it has covered the fastest class cars in drag racing both rotary and piston, street cars, circuit cars, and all kinds of weird and wonderful things in between.

The topic of what mixtures work and why is very interesting, most of it is covering ground that has already been researched to death. However giving it modern context is always of interest to newbies. I'll try to give some input on direct applications if people are interested to know more.

I have one customer who is running Methanol 100% as base fuel and uses water injection pre turbo to give him an advantage over other competitors it is a sensitive area though and I have learned many people hang off every word I type and love to copy..... though I am happy to discuss and give information that is redundant in my world, and a few steps back from what is current best practice but is a new thing for most people looking into this technology, it is great to see many people getting more into this proven science of water injection... AND RIGHTLY SO! THERE IS NOTHING ELSE IN THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE THAT HAS PROVEN TO MAKE ENGINES AS POWERFUL AND DURABLE ALL THE SAME TIME.
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