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Default Choosing the right setup for a 300zx


I'm building my shopping list to implement DP WI on my 300zx TT V6.

I thought of controlling the system with my standalone and I'll be building my own tank. Good idea? Not really?

Everything else, I need to get... So I made this list and I was hopping someone could point out if its correct, if I'm missing something or it contains something I don't need:
---- 806-400 ---- Direct port with 0.4mm 6x110cc jets - Std compression fitting
---- 806-239B ---- 1300cc Fast Acting Valve Fittings: 4mm+4mm
---- 806-249 ---- 4mm 15psi Checkvalve
---- 806-258 ---- In-tank filter
---- 806-259 ---- Hi-pressure inline 130um filter male/female 1/8BSP for HFS's (806-259)
---- 806-263 ---- 6 meters 4mm PTFE hose
--- 806-555 --- Replacement Flow sensor assembly Std (806-555)
---- 806-567 ---- Replacement Hall-effect Flow sensor cable
---- 806-581 ---- Replacement water level sensor
---- 806-582 ---- Replacement 160psi water pump

I tried emailing aquamist support but after some time I got no reply...

Thanks a lot for your time guys!
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