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Default Quench

Hey guys. New to the forum. I have been using Meth injection on various cars for years. I have just fitted a new setup on my current car and it has caused me once again to go down the rabbit hole looking for as much info as I can.

One thing that I can seem to find. Is there a rough general rule of thumb as to what percentage of methanol injection to fuel ratio that one might be more prone to start experience quench? I do realize that there are many factors that play into this but I am sure there would be a percentage where this would start to become more of a factor to consider.. I am only at 10% at the moment.
Thanks in advance
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Old 03-08-2019, 12:57 PM
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Default Re: Quench

If your car has a WBO2, you can run any % methanol up to 20-25% to fuel. Beyond this, you will need tp do some ECU tweaking.
Richard L
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