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Lightbulb Aquamist + Syvecs Integration

I'm forever getting asked (phone, email, internetz) about why I choose to only use the best parts, its simply to do with making the power plant reliable and durable, not cause I get paid to say so with free/subsidized product/s

The best way to show the general public this is with an example off a real car, I keep saying unlike the YouGag bloggers, Forum vendors etc, IE = shit talkers (with pay to play endorsements), these cars actually work and still run

What is important is the integration part, this means that any system on the vehicles engine needs to be properly developed to counter any and all eventualities. This applies to any sub component on the engine that is needed to make it run, be that a fuel injector, ignition coil, lambda sensor....... think of any input (sensor) and output (actuator) in general speak.

The water injection system has to be treated the same way, to not do that is a mistake which I can say to you from personal experience is how it is. In the simplest forms strategies to properly control ANY engine can range from levels of action to a fault (system out of range or not operating) the logic is proprietary and wont be shown 100% (sorry stalkers! fuck you!) but even the arse clowns can take some notes here !

Turbo Charged:
* Reduced boost level
* More excess fuel
* Ignition timing adjustment (Knock/Detonation control)

Think of this as a multi layered approach with the ultimate sub set of Knock/Detonation control being the final *always active* defense to the engine, and this is where not all engine controllers (let alone programmers!) are created equal. For WM50 application you want active control on an individual engine cycle level @ say 9000rpm, this requires a quality system ! if anything is out then your engine will continue to live, no excuses. Below you can see the input to the ECU provided by the Aquamist and then the action taken by the control unit to manage the engine. NOTE: you can do this on a whole engine approach or if its a multi cylinder deal (most are!) then depending on instrumentation/inputs obviously on a per combustion chamber basis, most of mine are that way but its a case by case deal. The final arbitrator is DETONATION and even on the most basic application using Syvecs/LR this is controlled perfectly which avoids an over enthusiastic calibration setting combustion event based failure. This is a high percentage (I would say easily the highest by some order) cause of needing to get out motor, and why lots of idiots put in a boat anchor rather than sticking with the superior low mass high power density turbocharged power plant.

Keep in mind, we have never ever lost an engine running a Syvecs/Life Racing ECU, never! why? probably 1/4+ century of water injection knowledge and its reliable implementation using the best parts. Ironically there is always some parrot screaming out, "but what if it stops working!" well cuntox the facts are I see more daily issues with main fuel system fuck ups 100 fold than I ever do with even an archaic WI system, and that is a fact most don't care to acknowledge.
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