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Default Re: Mitsubishi EVO (USDM) wiring diagrams for HFS-3 (all US models)


Someone posted this that confused me. is this correct?


Hi Richard,

I don't quite understand "depending on how the program the Tephra"

I have read Tephra mod pg. its says,

5V ADC map switching

You can connect your meth/nos controller to the ECU (using pin 112) it must output 0v on FAILURE, and 5v on SYSTEM OK
When the ECU sees the voltage go ABOVE the threshold it will start the timer to swap to alternate maps.
When the ECU sees the voltage go BELOW the threshold it will INSTANTLY swap to normal maps.

So which do i use? Black or brown?


If the above is correct it should be black.
Richard L
aquamist technical support
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