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Old 27-08-2004, 01:18 PM
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Default E-Machine Shop Dot Com

This forum is one of the most technically minded/centered forums I'm aware of and I just thought the do-it-yourself nature of most of the members would LOVE this site: http://www.emachineshop.com/

You can have them custom make nearly anything. One piece or a million pieces. Definitely one of the most useful sites. They also give you FREE CAD design software that you can download. Very very cool.

If you haven't been there already, enjoy!

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Old 29-08-2005, 08:31 PM
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When I am tuning this system, what is the best method to show that it is correct. I obviously do not want to overcool the flame. I don't have any real fancy monitoring yet. I am sure I could feel it to a point but I really wanted to set this up perfect. I will go buy a meter if that is the best way, I just wanted your recommendation.


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Old 29-08-2005, 08:46 PM
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you donl;t need to buty a meter, you can just use any digital voltmeter and dusconnectit after tuning.

If absolute accuracy is not neded, the DDs3 is a good indicator. Just need to calibrate it yourself. As regarding running 3D, your car should have a load sensor such as MAF and MAP and TPS (throttle position sensor). The MF2 can use any any 0-5V load related signals.
Richard L
aquamist technical support
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