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Default Nozzle sizing and positioning

New to the group & new to wmi…….so far my experience with wmi hasn’t been the best

My current set up consists of the aem v2 kit (200psi pump) , 1x devils own 350cc nozzle mounted into the throttle body just after the throttle plate & just before the ait sensor. I was advised i’d need 360cc nozzle as i was expecting my car to make between 330-350 bhp.

On the day of having my car mapped i was asked if i’d filled up with devils own meth due to the guy noticing its red colour in the tank, i had & he commented that there 50/50 pre mix is poor quality & he’d map it without the meth turned on as he’s only ever seen loses with there pre mixed meth.

Final power made was 345bhp, meth was switched on to show how bad it was & i lost 12 bhp!

After reading through posts on the forum & gaining a small understanding of things I’m thinking my set up isn’t ideal, if my thinking is right my 350cc nozzle isn’t adequate & probably isn’t in a optimum position.

Working on 20% ratio with 50/50 i’ve worked out i need 640cc’s in total using the pressure vs flow chart
4 x 550 injectors =2200
2200 x 20% =440
-21 psi

I can’t quite get 640cc’s with devils nozzles, i can get 620cc using my existing Do4 (350cc) nozzle & a D03 (270cc) nozzle or i go above that & the closest i can get is 710cc

I was thinking of distributing the set up now with two nozzles, the larger 350 at the intercooler outlet so it has maximum time to atomise before hitting the plenum & the 270 in the throttle body position.

I’m now wondering if my car should’ve been mapped on the meth to start as the ignition timing won’t have been adjusted to allow for the meth when he gave me the demo run to show it isn’t of any good……….

i’ve bought 25 ltrs of meth & 25 ltrs of deionised water to mix my own 50/50

I’d really appreciate some input on this to help me get this running properly as the wmi currently isn’t hooked up & making it a pointless install. The car in question is an Audi S3 8L 2002.

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