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Default Questions on my direct port meth setup

New New Update

Now making 775BHP with an EFR 8374 turbo using direct port meth on a 2.1ltr 4 cylinder engine - post number 53 has more details, this setup has been in this car for over 4 years with a lot of track use, it's a solid setup with 0 maintenance doneand still running the same engine after all this abuse


Now making 482WHP with 4 x 0.5mm jets, refer to page 4 post #44

All I can say is - Direct Port Meth FTW!!! Best mod I have ever done in 15 years of modifying cars......

I now run 4 x 0.5mm (but I started with 0.4mm jets) check valved jets in my intake plenum through the Aquamist kit (it's now always running for track as well).

For more information is best to pm or email me - robmonckton@gmail.com I'm happy to share all the details.

Hi All,

I know there is couple of threads on direct port but I just need some help understanding a few things and see what you think of the setup.

I'm in the process of fitting an HFS-3 kit to run 50/50 water/meth on my EVO X. The engine is a stroker build with CBRD BorgWarner 7163 turbo kit putting down 430whp @ 1.7 bar boost on a heart breaker mainline dyno. (1,000 cc inj and will run 1.9bar with this meth kit)

I only want to use the kit to help control knock and a little more power. I keep reading of many evo's having issues when only putting meth in the I/C pipe due to cyl 1 / 4 not getting equal flow (I had that problem already with the stock engine).

So I am putting 4 nozzles into the intake manifold (pic below for location). You can see the drilled holes for the 4 nozzles.

I'm going with 4 x 0.4mm jets.

Do I need to be worried about under vacuum sucking the meth through the lines? do I need something else to be added with the HFS-3 kit (I read about the check valves but don't quite understand if that is needed fo rmy application)?

Thanks in advance

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