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Old 21-12-2006, 02:13 AM
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Default Aquamist needs your advice...

When I typed in "aquamist" on google search, a sponsored link comes up.

I clicked on the link that says:

Water injection-Aquamist, Snow performance's European dealer appears.

I delved deeper into the contents by click "view source". Not only did they put in Aquamist System on their Meta header, they also put in Aquamist erl !!!

Do you think they have a right to do this? Any comments are welcomed
Richard L
aquamist technical support
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Old 21-12-2006, 07:53 AM
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Fight this, you have our support!
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Old 21-12-2006, 08:59 AM
Richard L Richard L is offline
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I have written to Mr Bodo Shuermann (German Snow Performance dealer) as follows...

Hello Bodo,

I would be grateful if you could remove the "aquamist" header tag on your website. I have had many people complaining to me that when they type in Aquamist on Google, it shows up a www.snowperformance.de link as "Water injection-Aquamist".

Is this an un-intentional mistake?



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Richard L
aquamist technical support
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Old 21-12-2006, 12:17 PM
JohnA JohnA is offline
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That is not fair play on their part.

I would understand if they were Aquamist agents, but otherwise it is underhand. Google might also be interested to know about this - they could potentially 'blacklist' them.

It's not cricket.


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Old 22-12-2006, 12:01 AM
Richard L Richard L is offline
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He Wrote: (notice the signatures he uses to sign off below)

Hello Richard,

nearly ALL waterinjection manufacturer/dealers uses "Aquamist" as Website tag or as description/synonym for a WI-system. It?s grown to a usual synonym for WI-systems and furthermore irrigation systems (aquamist.net)

It doesn?t matter where you look - here for example:

www.turbocooler.de (other manufacuturer)
www.boostshop.de (german coolingmist distributor)

Either "aquamist" in tag and/or as Headline/Description. Especially
german speaking people mostly known "aquamist" as an synonym for a waterinjection system - not an ERL-product or any trademark.

coolingmist.com or snowperformance.net uses Google Adwords as well with the keyword "aquamist"

Besides, we?ve much more problems with competitors, such as:

www.snow-performance.de (its the same as turbocooler.de who offers a
copycat-system of the boost cooler - with an interesting market analysis.
The "Turbocooler" system with the Boost Cooler and the ERL Aquamist. - Of course, if you read that (unfortunately only in german), you are thinking that the "Turbocooler"-System is the best of course.

-- Or for example systems called "Basic Cooler 2" instead of our "Boost Cooler 2" etc pp. - with completely snitched functional description, FAQ and even nearly our complete installation instruction. But there?s like no way to take legal steps without high costs and risks.

I was at a lawyer/patent agent last month and it was frustrating. Besides, "Aquamist" is not international brand-protected - its nearly impossible, because in different countries "aquamist" is protected for different products (it can be only international/EU-wide protected if nobody already protected a brand nationally). Here in germany for example,"aquamist" is brand-protected for a fire extinguisher company for about 15 years. (A few years ago I asked them if it?s okay to use the descriptively word "aquamist"

in conjunction with the Boost Cooler Systems.

BTW Nowadays it?s impossible here to brandmark such a word, because it counts as a descriptively term.

BTW2: I spent about 25T? since the last 3 years for Google Adwords and Overture, make a lot of educational work about waterinjection systems and make it *really* public in ger/at/ch. Many many german forum-entries looks like "I read casually about WI-systems on turbotuning.net, did you ever heard of that? And mostly comes answers from an old stager like:
"yes, (....) but take systems like ERL Aquamist or Boost Cooler... (...)".

In the beginning, the most people never heard of WI, each 2nd sceptical inquiry looks like "does me engine begins to rust? or whats about hydro-lock?"

I think that the complete german speaking market participated from that advertising campaigns. Before it seems to me that WI-Systems were a very specialized product with a relatively small interested range of customers (at least in ger/at/ch). I think thats why here in germany exists 5 (!) different supplier for WI-Systems (I avoid the the word Aquamist-systems

- Improbably that you?ve lost turnover the last 2-3+ years (in german speaking countries) - quite the reverse? ;-)

I hope my englisch was not sooo bad. It was really hard to write and I could write more but now I was sit about 1hour for that email, because often I had to look for a translation. Hope you understand my email in that case I wanted to mediate.

Best regards and happy Christmas to you and your family,


TTNET - Snow Performance Europe

Boost Cooler Aquamist-Systems
Elbring 45, 21217 Seevetal
T: +49-(0)40 ?
F: +49-(0)40 ?

Richard L
aquamist technical support
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Old 02-01-2007, 08:12 AM
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I always educate my customers about Aquamist and the rest. They need to know they are buying the best system, after that they are walking advertising agents .
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Old 21-07-2022, 06:44 AM
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Default Re: Aquamist needs your advice...

can you do the same in your website header..snowperformance.de and everything from his signature..
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