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Old 06-07-2019, 02:16 PM
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Default Re: Questions on my direct port meth setup


^ check it out.
Full high level proper integration with the Aquamist too.
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Old 17-07-2019, 08:52 AM
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Default Re: Questions on my direct port meth setup

For reference and after speaking to Richard (and a couple other smart people on this forum) went with .07mm CVJ (check valve jets).

I hate to say this but we were in a rush with the tune as we are taking the car up to Malaysia for an event this weekend, I am not happy with where we left the tune but it will be ok for this session.

Here is the dyno graph comparing the new setup against the old setup (changes being only full race manifold, 8374 IWG .092 AR twin scroll turbo and GSC stage 2 cams (previously was on MX1 cosworth cams).

please keep in mind not long after recording the 482whp setup we could not get close to this and even with more boost we could only get 450whp (which is the last few video's you saw at the track). There has been a boost leak so we suspect the 7163 turbo wasn't happy.

even still, here is the before and after dyno on the same dyno, please note it was done in 4th gear (not 3rd like in the pic).

I found myself turning gain down A LOT (was maxed out before and now with new CVJ's I am running under 50% of the dial range).

Car feels really good off boost (twin scroll) and spins all 4 tyres in 3rd gear from straight line acceleration every time I boot it.. haha so it's quick!

For reference, this is a heartbreaker dyno, stock EVO x got 225whp and recently a R8 V10 put down 386whp on same dyno..

I have ordered the M150 motec ECU and will retune with this after the event.

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Old 18-07-2019, 09:30 AM
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Default Re: Questions on my direct port meth setup

scratch that last post, we put it back on the dyno as it was clear to me the upper rpm was too rich still. All we did was turn gain down some more and leave the fueling alone int he tune and boom...582whp!

Truly epic, that's 775bhp!!

If we turned up boost to 2.2bar and increase rev limit, this is easily over 600whp on a mainline dyno!

Richard we had to turn gain down all the way as far as it would go, I believe 0.6mm jets would be perfect for this setup but I will push more hp in the next engine coming (but run motec M150)

Picture a car that weighs only 1350kg and 775bhp haha it spins all 4 wheels on street tyres lots!

the above graph is comparing to my previous setup with EFr 7163 turbo and MX1 cams (v the new EFR 8374 and GSC stg 2 cams)

this is comparing to the stock engine and HKS Kai 7460 turbo:
keep in mind a stock evo x gets 225whp on this dyno
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Old 16-03-2020, 04:55 AM
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Default Re: Questions on my direct port meth setup


I need your help.

Since I have moved to motec ECU and removed the Aquamist ECU (Motec now controls the pump and FAV).

We have it working no problems but I have a large amount of black soot/smoke under WOT now (I never used to when using stock ECU and Aquamist ECU).

We believe it has to do with the way we setup the FAV through motec.

As I understand it, Richard says if you use motec without the aquamist ECU you must run the following:

PWM to FAV (30Hz, 1.5A drive with 60-75V clipping)

We never did this, we wired the motec directly to FAV and ran it at 70HZ, the pulsing is very fast but we have full control of duty from 0-100%.

Can someone explain why the need for volt clipping with 1.5A drive?

Do you believe this is why we are experiencing the black soot (mist is not fine enough)? We are only running it at 80% duty up top. I run a 50/50 mix.

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Old 17-03-2020, 05:39 PM
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Default Re: Questions on my direct port meth setup

It could be that Richard suggest to use a direct injection inductive output set to 60-75V and 1.5A current limit the use or a Peak Hold Injector Output.
In both cases you would need to know how long the peak phase needs to be.

I have never used a FAV, only the HSV, so I am of litte use here.

For the latter, I plainly used a low side fuel injector output and 50 Hz. But the HSV is faster than the FAV. The latter needs 30Hz.
If you drive it faster, it will not fully open and close. this effectively turns it into an adjustable restriction with low pressure on the nozzles except at its mostly open position.
You want high pressure pulses at lower flow rates at the jets.

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