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Old 19-06-2018, 10:15 AM
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Default Re: Nozzle size

I would have tried to centre them as much as possible in line with the fuel injector. Alternativeley consider adding a second set of jets on the opposite site of the fuel injector.
But I see your reasoning as a compromise had to be made due to space constriction and the curvation of the runners prohibiting going back much further.

Spraying like this will IMHO likely lead to less than ideal in cylinder distribution. Most spray will pass through one inlet valve only at least during the time the valve is open. Some spray will accumulate in the port while the inlet valves are closed. But there is reason the fuel injector sits in the middle, equal distribution.

I am looking forward to reading about how it performs. If you’re not happy with the knock supression, you can always add a second set on the other side and get a more ideal distribution.
Jet size might have to be adjusted, of course. Or boost increased.... :-)

PS. If the plenum is still off, you could prep for this two sided install by installing just the threaded bungs and plug them. This would safe the effort of having to remove the inlet again in case you would need the second set.

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