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Default Jet size and quantity for N54

Hi Iíve just picked up my new car and itís got an N54 engine Iím looking to get around 450hp out of the stock turbos and keep a decent intake temp

Iíve got a bit of a mish mash system I removed from my old car Iíd like to reuse for a while itís a 250psi pump with the relief style regulator and a home made arduino base controller
On my last car I used a 0.5mm jet with a 50/50 mix just as a safety margin

Iím looking to install this kit onto the new car but Iím not sure what size Jets to run of how many as itís direct injection so canít use the total injector and 15-20percent method

Also is it better to run one big jet or 2 smaller ones for the best atomisation

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Old 10-06-2019, 08:08 AM
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Default Re: Jet size and quantity for N54

At this power level, I’d consider running 6x checkvalved 0.4mm jets in a direct port fashion with 50:50 mix. Flowwise the same rules apply.
Just ensure that the jets blow near the intake port into the runner and from the top.
The mist won’t take turns very well.
You would have to retune at this flow level.

If you don’t go direct port, you might follow BMW’s own route and install 3 jets in the plenum chamber. The runners are pretty straight in these engines. This helps the mist actually arriving in the cylinders.
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