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Old 24-03-2022, 05:36 PM
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Default HFS4 Questions

1st of all its great to see the forum back online!

Have had my set WMI set up for years now though car wasn't driven much, back driving it now and just got a couple questions to rejog my memory and get best out the system. Garage who fitted it really did a poor job back in the day and Richard was a great help getting it sorted to be useable.

1. Using 0.6mm jet on a small 1.6 litre petrol turbo engine, if wanted to lower the flow from the jet is it best to use the 0.5 or 0.7 restrictor that's supplied?

2. Failsafe is set and on boost doesn't trip the failsafe, but I worked out the SC is only showing 3 or 4 bars. So is it possible to just adjust the SC forward a few clicks and check with the BAR link (red and blue harness removed), then move the WL and WH forward the same amount of clicks to keep the failsafe window in line?

Hope point 2 makes sense and is ok to do, otherwise its front bumper off job to get to the jet just after the IC !!

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Old 31-03-2022, 11:33 PM
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Default Re: HFS4 Questions

it is better to set SC to display 5-6 bars and set WL and WH accordingly. WL is more adhere to the THRES setting.
Richard L
aquamist technical support
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Old 23-04-2022, 02:27 PM
andysharp andysharp is offline
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Default Re: HFS4 Questions

hi richard

hopefully have time to get the SC set to show 5-6 bars in the coming days and then adjust the WL and WH accordingly,

If i was to run the jumper link to disable the failsafe on the control board, would that allow settings like THRES, GAIN, to be changed dependant on driving planned without then having to reconfigure the failsafe every time? Understand the "B" LED would always be lit then.

Then for WOT driving on track have the failsafe back to DHB to have the failsafe running?

Hope this makes sense!!
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