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Old 18-10-2014, 08:04 PM
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Default 348awhp / 430 awtq Stock Turbo 06 STI

On a Mustang Dyno. Topping at 23.5 psi @ 3500 rpm on a 53ish degree day tapers down to 17ish - made 348awhp / 430 awtq

Aquamist HFS-3 (Single 1.0 mm jet / 1.5 pre-amp / default Threshold and Gain setting) - 50/50 w/m by mass measured on a scale
I am also using an SPA Design dual gauge with Boost and EGT temp to monitor the system. The boost reads from vacuum to up to 232 psi so it's perfect to monitor line pressure.
I have a tee that goes to a pressure sensor right before the FAV inlet - the line pressure once peaked at 227 psi but normally when it injects it's around 160psi minus the boost pressure.
The pressure idles at around 105 psi once the line is primed - when I shut the car off and letting it sits overnight, it goes back down to around 30 to 60 psi.

I also have an aquamist checkvalve right before the jet in the 4mm line.

My EGT doesn't seem to go pass 1300F if my exhaust temp gauge is indeed accurate. I still drive the car conservatively and usually don't go pass 17 psi since I don't wanna deal with a blown motor just yet.

Car is an 06 STI
Mods/Specs -
Cobb SF intake with box
Cobb Catted TBE
Invidia Race header (OEM uppipe)
AVO turbo inlet hose
DW 850cc sidefeed
DEI Gold tape wrapped OEM tmic
6 gauges in car with no aftermarket gauge pod lol
Cobb APv3
OEM Heat treated crank short block
Refreshed heads with multi angle valve job

DIY clockpod and dashpod to house 6 gauges:
Top: Boost | Wideband | Aquamist Flow
Bottom Oil Pressure/Oil Temp | Meth line pressure/EGT temp | Fuel line pressure/coolant temp

Spec C tank as M/W mix reservoir

Pump mounted on the side of the trunk above the surge tank.

Surge tank is mounted behind the I/C spray tank. The Spec C tank feeds the surge tank through 2 route - A primary 5/8 hose gravity feed and a secondary 1/4 hose feeds through the spec c tank sprayer pump that is wired in parallel with the aquamist pump. There is also a return line back to the spec c tank. I got the whole idea from another board member and it seems to be working well. I only used nylon/brass barb fittings and silicone hoses but they are supposed to have good chemical resistant to water meth.

Another shot of the system - I also wanna mention that I spliced the spec c tank low water level sensor to the OEM i/c spray tank low level sensor wire so the dash will display a warning light when the spec c tank is at low level.

Looks pretty well hidden aside from the spec c tank and the 5/8 gravity feed hose

FAV mounted above battery with a DIY bracket on the battery tie down. You can see where I tee'd for the inline pump pressure sensor of the aquamist system

A shot of the inline checkvalve right before the jet - jet is mounted below the stock TMIC. I was told the checkvalve is not necessary but I do notice that it seems to have improved spray timing consistency

The engine bay - Only thing that bothers me is the GS AOS. It doesn't make a clean bay. Too many hoses around.
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Old 19-10-2014, 01:35 PM
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Default Re: 348awhp / 430 awtq Stock Turbo 06 STI

Thanks for the posting. Very neat installation.
Richard L
aquamist technical support
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