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Default Re: On the right track?

Originally Posted by rotrex View Post
i would drop the current nozzles and go proper direct port.
Injecting a lot of mix through pipes and intercoolers leads to condensation and big droplets passing through the engine with little effect.
The exception to the rule is the very fine mist air assisted nozzles produce.
Some of this mist making it to the engine.
But even Riceracing also installs direct port systems these days if more suitable for a particular application.

the charge dilution from vapor is outweighting the gains from air desnity increases due to temperature drops.
this is one of the reason why the car gets slower.
also injection water without tuning virtually always leads to power losses.
Water slows combustion speed. you have to add timing.

I suggest you try to stop getting hung up with IAT drops and focus on what makes power.
Well when I made those post I was running the stock intercooler which is barely adequate for the stock turbo at stock boost levels (K03).

Since I made a mistake with the nitrous, not listening to my own experience it blew the end tanks off the stock intercooler so I took that opportunity to upgrade (also took out the intake manifold and holed a piston), dropped in a used engine from a Fusion (same engine minus the oil cooler in the ST) and bought a new intake manifold ($50).

I also upgraded the turbocharger (GTX3071 Gen II) it has a .64 GT25 housing, might be too small for max output but that's not the concern at the moment.

IATs have dropped to 50 degrees over ambient, so 70 degree day = 100F

That is the combination of the intercooler and much bigger turbo than stock.

Other circumstances mean I haven't really worked on this very much but starting today (as I write this) I hope to get back on track in much more detail.

I have set two goals for this project in it's current configuration -

1) Break stock block 1/4 Mile ET/MPH record some say it's 11.51@121 mph

2) Break the stock block output record which is 527 whp which was achieved with an Aquamist system ironically.

*If I break the stock block output record I think I can also break the fastest ST record which is 10.6@130 mph

Stay tuned
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