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Old 15-08-2005, 08:57 PM
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Default How to measure the right amount for a special mixture?


i have a quick question about mixing my Water / Methanol / Nitromethane mixture.
for example, if i want to make a 60/20/20 W/M/N mixture... how sould i measure the different fluids?

by Weight? by Volume?

i ask because when i remember my chemical class correct then Nitro has another specific weight then water and methanol right?

so how can i be sure that i get exactly my wanted mixture?

does temperature plays a role?

Hope to get some help
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Old 15-08-2005, 10:06 PM
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By volme is mush easier. only water weighs 25% more then others or other weighs 20% less than water per unit volume.

The reason for this is most automotive fuel injectors are rated by volume. Water weighs more per unit volume at 4 degree C but if you measure everything at 25% deg C, The assumption above is pretty accurate.
Richard L
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