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Default HFS-4 GB daily update...

HFS-4 Group buy... CLOSED!



*** 27th Febraury 2012: ***
All participants should receive an email today for the next step.
If you do not, contact me at [richard@aquamist.co.uk]


*** 1st March 2012 ***

confirmation/paypal deposit/shipping list updates daily

*** 2nd March:2012 ***
By 12am PST today. If I do not received confirmation by paypal on the un-highlighted entries,
those GB slots will be available. At present, we have a small waiting list.


*** 3rd March:2012 ***
List is updated with new entry (reserve awaited)

*** 5th March:2012 ***
The first Batch HFS-4 is bound for the US today. All participants with urgency "5"
or above will be contacted by Jeff howerton around mid week for final payment for shipping.
Another batch of HFS-4 is ready to be shipped from UK.
Expect a call or email notification from tomorrow on.

*** 8th March:2012 ***
Shipping commences, order based on urgency

*** 8th March:2012 ***
From : Howerton Engineering
We have received the first batch of kits, about half of the GB kits for the US. We have stared assembling tanks and such to match the orders. There are 15 people on the list with urgency at 6 or above. We have emailed about half of these with more emails going out tonight. We expect to have a good deal of the kits ready to ship Monday. If your urgency was above 6 and you miss our email, feel free to contact me at jeff@howertonengineering.com. We will take your payment info and ship as soon as possible.
We will still be working on tanks and kits for the lower priority groups, and will send emails as soon as more stock arrives next week.

*** 10th March:2012 ***
New color coding added to the list to denote who we have had contact with for info/final/order details and payment info, as well as those we have shipped. We should be receiving another batch(US based shipments) late next week. We will try our best to get ahead of the curve. If you want us to ship ASAP when you kit is ready/tank completed please contact us and get us your payment info. Thanks.

*** 20th March:2012 ***
We have just received another batch of systems. Here's the status of the queue:
We are out of Twin Tanks, and hope to have them next week. We had enough on hand, but due to blemishes have set them aside.
We are building MINI tanks now, and should have about 6 ready shortly. A few of you have not specified left or right side, please do so ASAP.
The two E39 tanks will be ready in a day or two.
Everyone else, with loose plastic tanks and no tank at all, contact us asap for payment and shipping arrangements. Thanks.

*** 3rd May:2012 ***
Everyone at this point should have been contacted and all kits are ready to ship. Except for a custom MINI tank we are making, all tanks and kits are ready to ship within a day or so. Please contact us to finalize your order. Thanks.

Projected list ................ USD875 ....... GBP550
Group buy (20+) ........... USD695 ....... GBP435

- All US inland orders will be shipped within US via USP/FedEX ground at $15.00 per system.
- Non-US order will be shipped from England at cost
- Prices do not include shipping
- EU orders are subject to 20% VAT.
- We plan to start shipping from end of February on - in the order of GB list.
- When the GB date expires, an email will be sent to all. We need all the detail of your address etc so we can estimate the shipping cost, We also require a deposit of $100/GBP60 to secure the order only redeemable off the final bill. We are unable to receive final payment via paypal as it does not protect the seller. So CC is the only option unless our accounts department approves it.

*Orange = purchase confirmed by email await paypal confirmation.
*Blue = purchase confirmed with paypal deposit received.
*Purple = reserve entry to be confirmed.
*cyan = Contacted for final info/payment details (US shipments).
*green = Shipped.
1. Cletusb 1x HFS-4 (Red) - Australia
2. Makro86 1 x HFS-4 (Blue) - Australia
3. Mr Pincher 1 x HFS (Blue) - USA
4. brightside 1 x HFS-4 (Red) - Canada (R56)
5. Zat_Zuma 1 x HSF-4 (Red) - Canada
6. oldbrokenwind 1x HFS-4 (red) - USA (R56) .............Mini R56 tank, LH, Blue backlight, & baffled
7. STeficaL 1x HFS-4 (red) - Canada
8. Bigpuna 1x HFS-4 (red) - USA .............+ Howerton twin tank no fan (edited 17th Feb via pm)
9, 10. Turbo Klub 1 x HFS4 (Blue), 1 x HFS4 (Red) - Trinidad & Tobago
11. DUST 1x HFS-4 (BLUE) - USA
12. tecaterob 1x HFS-4 (red) USA (R56)
13,14. NOTORIOUS VR 2x HFS (red) - Canada *one with howerton tank
15. e34nication 1 x HFS4 (red) - USA .............+ Howerton twin tank + fan
16. Bhinak 1x HFS-4 (red) - USA (Alaska)
17. Monkiboy 1x HFS-4 (Red) - USA ..........+ Howerton twin tank
18. okswerve16 1x HFS-4 (Red) - USA (5-jet direct port setup kit-assm in UK ). .............+ Howerton twin tank
19. John Na 1x HFS-4 (red) USA
20. Scooter09
1x HFS-4 (red) - USA (Hawaii) R55 ..........+ Howerton twin tank
21-26. LIGHTSPD 6x HFS-4 (red) - Canada
27. 06f250sd 1x HFS-4 (red) 08-legacy Spec.b USA ..........+ Howerton 5-qrt tank ***29th Feb edited.
28. jedmeston 1x HSF-4 (blue) Vancouver, Canada
29. legspecb08 1x HSF-4 (blue) USA ..........+ Howerton twin tank + fan + blue LED
30. TLO033 1x HFS 4 Red (USA)
31. dan1587wrx 1 x HFS-4 (Blue) USA
32. MattyKHZ 1x HFS-4 (Blue) UK (R56) .......... + Howerton Engineering Tank for Mini
33. targarx7 1x HFS-4 (Blue) USA
34. paveltol 1x HFS-4 (RED) USA or Russia (will clarify upon payment)
35. funatnight 1x (Red) USA -2008 Cobalt SS/TC ..........+ Howerton twin tank
36. spoilboy1 1x HFS 4 (RED) Trinidad and Tobago ...... + twin tank with red LED and cooling fan.
37. spoilboy1 1x HFS 4 (blue) RX7 Trinidad and Tobago
38. chopstix 1x HFS-4 (red) USA (A6 2.7T) ..........+ Howerton 2-gallon twin tank
39. scth2001 1x HFS-4 (Blue) UK (R53) .......... + Howerton Engineering Tank for Mini
40. crayyg 1x HFS-4 (red) UK .......... + Howerton Engineering Tank for Mini LH-Blue LED
41. maverick6732 1x HFS-4 (blue) USA .......... + Howerton Engineering Twin Tank with baffle etc, Green LED and Fan option
42. 805beemer 1x HFS-4 (red) to US
43. NikoAF 1x HSF-4 (Red) US .......... + Howerton Engineering Tank for Mini
44. 03 Biest 1x HFS-4 (Blue) Rancho Cucamonga, USA .......... Twin tank w/ blue LED & Blue backlight gauge.
45. 11mcsaz 1 x HSF-4 (Red) USA 2011 R56 .......... + Howerton Engineering Tank for Mini
46. timmyq 1 x HSF-4 (red) 02-R53 Mini USA (Red), .......+ Howerton Engineering RH Tank for Mini
47. hank49 1x HFS-4 (blue) 91-MR2T, USA .............+ Blue Twin Tank with Blue back light+ fan
48. boostunderpressure03 1 x HSF-4 (red) wrx USA
49. rated///m 1x HFS-4 (red) E39-M5 USA .............. with a howerton trunk mounting kit for an E39 M5.
50. albugna 1x HFS-4(red) Italy
51. the salg
1x HFS4 (Red) USA N54-335i ............ + Howerton Twin tank black
52. ce9aboy 1x HFS-4 (?) Australia
53. HANDLE 1x HFS4 (blue) USA ............ + Howerton 2x 6 qrt tanks
54. evorichard 1x hfs-4 (red) usa
55. pbonsalb 1 x HFS4 (blue) USA
56. Cerberus 1x HFS-4 (RED) USA ........+ Howerton Engineering tank for e39 M5
57. tuscani003 1x HFS-4 red (canada) ...... + Howerton 1x twin tank with red led and fan
58. CURLY 1x HFS-4 red (canada) ...... Just the bare 5-qrt plastic tank and the cap
59. Mad Maxxx
1 x HSF-4 (red) 02-R52 Mini Germany(Red), .......+ Howerton Engineering Tank kit for Mini Cabrio R52 JCW
60. 997TTknob 1 x HSF-4 (Red) shipped to Portugal
61. wychk99 1 x HFS-4 (red) USA for 2007 STI ....... + Howerton Two Gallon twin tanks with red led and fans 29th Feb (update)
62. jsquared
1x HFS-4 (red) USA 05-sti (850cc x4)
63. blue 1x HFS-4 (blue) UK! R53 mini
64. Bansheekid 2x HFS-4 08 (red) 08&11 sti USA
65. watsonj0 1x HFS-4 (red) USA 996t ...... + Howerton 1x twin tank with red led and fan
66. trek800099 1x HFS-4 (red) 06-sti USA ....... + tank to be confirmed
67. ami2fst4u (slot closed)
68. Dzenno 1x HFS-4 (red) Canada
69. Ljm7gun 1 x HSF4 kit (blue) Australia
=========== GB closed ===========

You will be contacted by pm for further details from today.

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