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Old 28-02-2017, 07:41 AM
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Default Evil diesel can Aquamist save the planet

Seems to me that every other day their is someone in the news saying diesel is evil
Surely this must be a massive opportunity to bring to market a environmentally friendly kit

Burns better, more mpg, more performance, less soot and nasty toxic stuff, even Smells better

Would it not be possible to get a university or some government funding to "prove" all this with some real world studies
I'm guessing the current methodology of proving mpg/co2 wouldn't suit a low boost application

But If you can prove a aftermarket demand, then surely it would only be a matter of time that it was a oem option
Look at what VW have spent chasing a few mpg with fudged figures

Public transport could be easily encouraged to become early adopters as they have green targets to meet, far cheaper than electric as a solution,

Would be no different than filling with ad-blue in day to day use

Whats not to like ?

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