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Default Bnew HFS-3 Kit Can I buy an HFS-4 Controller?

Good morning Richard. I have an HFS-3 Bnew which I got for a good price. I want to install it on my Land Cruiser Diesel (Direct injection) Can I Buy just the HFS-4 controller and use the other parts of the HFS-3. I want to use the Aquamist because I'm very happy with it in my 997.1 TT. thank you Very much!

Or Is there A Way to wire it to make it work? Right now when It injects water/meth It works at full throttle but at part throttle I get a buzzing sound and no flow

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Old 26-06-2019, 08:54 AM
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Default Re: Bnew HFS-3 Kit Can I buy an HFS-4 Controller?

What is the serial number of the HFS3 controller? The latter ones may work with some diesels.
I meant HFS3v3.0 onwards
Richard L
aquamist technical support
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