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Old 12-07-2006, 08:38 AM
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Default E-Cool Evaporative Intercooling System by FFS

Hello to Everyone,

This system caught my interest because it is evaporative cooling(like water injection) but it injects gasoline via a fifth injector
right into the manifold where the hot air is expelled. Seems like the company opted not to use water and /or methanol as a means to cool the air charge and they claim to bring down the hot air to almost ambient temps(Arizona at that). I wonder how much fuel they inject and its pros and cons as against water injection and why they opted for gasoline instead of water as the coolant. Comments?


"E-Cool? Inter-cooling System - Inter-cooling is an essential part of any boosted system. There are basically three ways to inter-cool. Air to Air, Water to Air and liquid injection. Below 250WHP, simple is always better. The E-Cool system relies on the science of evaporative cooling by injecting a very small amount of fuel into the hot air exiting the supercharger. This eliminates all of that unnecessary weight forward of the front axle that detracts from the handling of your light and nimble Miata. Not to mention the extra $1000 some companies charge just to get to the power levels provided with the Fast Forward system. Besides, why take the heat out of the charge air and then feed it right back into the radiator? Does that make sense? E-Cool, the right way to go Fast Forward.
E-Cool also adds the extra fuel necessary to supplement the stock injectors at the 190-200+WHP level. The stock injectors on 99+ engines run out of safe capacity at around 195WHP. On the 94-97 engines, the stock injectors have even less capacity. Without the additional fuel supplied by the E-Cool 5th injector, you could be putting your engine at risk at these levels."
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Old 05-03-2007, 09:53 PM
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Tom at FFS used to use WI with a aquamist system. It worked very well, but during one run, he ran out of water and that caused havoc. So to prevent this he decided to try out Gasoline as if that run out, your car would simply not run. To his surprise, it worked quite well, and cheaper to install and tune than a WI kit.

From what I recall, he injects a very small amount <?5% of the total fuel.

You should pick up the phone and give him a call, he'll talk to you for hours on end about it if you have the time.
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