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Default Methanol vapour release on in-car tank

I have had many users voicing their concerns about the health hazard of a trunk mounted tank. So I did some research...

I arrived at this site:

Basically I was googling for the vapour pressure of water and methanol under various temperatures. I extracted two charts that may be of interest to many.

note: the pressure on the y-axis is absolute units

As indicated on the above charts, the saturated vapour pressure at 50 deg.C of water and methanol is ~1.5psi and ~7psi repectively. In a fully-closed tank, saturated vapour means the release of evapoarated vapour is equal to the condensed vapour. On a semi-vented tank at 50C at sea level, there is very little chance of methanol vapour releasing into the cabin.

I am no physicist, so is my assumption correct?
Richard L
aquamist technical support
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