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Default Porsche 964 with Supercharger and no IC's

Hi all,
I am in the process of building form complete restoration a 1962 VW Split screen Camper.
It is going to run completely on Porsche gear. The engine will be a 964 and supercharged. I have little or no room for IC's.

Can WI and methanol do away with IC's.
Can the WI be modulated as fuel injectors can. In other words if I ask my tuner to Tune & Map with WI running is it possible to Map the WI as well or at least control the amount without changing Jets.
Some fact.
Standard comp ratio 11.5:1
Boost at 0.5 bar ish
No IC's
Motec ECU with safety outputs to what ever is required. ( tbd)
Fuel either 95 or Vpower 98 octane.
Engine cooling will be on the edge so it wont be a cold running engine.
Standard power output 260 bhp
Estimated power output 360BHP.
So 100 bhp extra.

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