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Old 14-08-2012, 05:20 PM
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Default non intercooled race build

I have read tons of posts and data on this site and until today never made a account to post till now. After building and laying out my next years global time attack car I began the battle of intercooling delima. Currently the engine is Sr20det in a ae86 the motor is full race build hks cams scat rods 8.5 compression supertech valves springs retainers pulsar gtir itbs custom ported custom sheet metal intake Aem ecu and twin fire ignite 1000cc injectors cam 2 race gas with a gt35rle and 30psi with a trueboost mani 3inch open full length rave exhaust and open screamer pipe.

Now that the engine is out the way the current plan is to not run a intercooler with only water/meth cooling
2 .75 pre comp
3 .75 after comp
4 tb direct injection .75
Running 2 200 psi pumps
And 5 sil to keep pressure instant
Feed from a 7 gal tank

Usual runs last 30 min of hard pulls, I plan to activate the nozzles at different points of boost and I will be in able to tell the temp difference at the 4 tb nozzles due to itbs.
Mixture of 70/30 meth water to try and get 100% sat of both chemicals and bov dump into dp to rid the excess boost on lift to a safe place

I would like to find dome great nozzles for my application but as being across the world from rice getting them is a trick.
Does anyone see a area for improvement in my layout.
Thanks Clayton
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Old 13-11-2012, 04:14 PM
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Default Re: non intercooled race build

Can you specify what does the following terms mean:

1. 0.75 mean, g/h? @100psi?
2. sil
3. 200psi pump is the "dead head" pressure?
4. i(tbs)? induction temperature before sensor?
5. "dome" nozzle
Richard L
aquamist technical support
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