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Old 04-03-2022, 12:28 PM
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Default Mk5 - GTI - MPS BAsed - Not hitting 95% IDC

Hello Richard,

Long time no Chat

I still have my Mk5 K04 GTI. I have been doing a full refresh across everything.

Now I'm down to enabling the Aquamist and maximizing the tune.

The system is a Dual Nozzle setup. We are aiming to make roughly 330ish WHP. Currently on 300whp.

Running 70/30 Meth/Water split for higher octane. Motor runs 10.5:1

Nozzels were 0.5 & 0.6 = 485cc But was not getting enough so remove the 0.6 & replaced with a 0.7 = 555cc so should support roughly 370whp etc.
BTW altitude is roughly 1400/1700m.

I'm running MPS based setup as IDC would not activate at all.

Board model is a HFS3-V2KC ISS1 L2
Bridges soldered on the left is running CUST & x2.5 soldered on the right.

If we run a test spray. The IDC95% lights up and a good spray comes out of the nozzles.

However under boost with "Thres" coming in as low as 0.8psi (desperation) & "gain" on max the 95% IDC never comes on.

We can see in the logs it is injecting but does not seem to hit max at ay time and thus pulls timing higher up.

Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

All jumpers are on default position.
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Old 10-03-2022, 07:37 AM
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Default Re: Mk5 - GTI - MPS BAsed - Not hitting 95% IDC

Hi guys,

With Richards help we worked out that the board didn't have the PCB line on the board cut to separated out Boost & IDC.

Once cut boost or MPS based is working well & hitting the 96% IDC
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