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Default lancer Evolution: HFS3 issues

I Have A full HFS3 kit, use it for several years.
It was very usefull with little turbos with very good results. A little less with my last config.

I now run a fully forged 2 liters long Rod 4G63 with E85 fuelling and EFR BW Turbo, Motec M800 ECU with agressive settings (2.4 bar 35 PSI) of boost and 15 Ignition). 620/650HP
On track, I use HSF3 kit I bought you and I have pre-Throttle 2 atomizers, running 100% methanol.

I have 2 issues and I would need your technical advices and feedbacks:

1- When the car doesn't run for a few weeks, gauge shows a problem (red led on W. Injection). Sometimes, the flow bars move, sometimes it does not.
After 10 or 15 km, the system seems to work normally...like if it need to be shaken...Could Something seize up or jam? My Motec M800 drives the Aqua ECU. Is it possible to create a switch driven purge or an override?
I'm afraid the motec thinks Meth is beeing vaporized and change AFR and Ignition advances (that adapts in real time to vaporization or not) but there is no meth...
How to fix this? (exept in running the car more often, I can't 🙂 ).
Maybe running 100% water will be safier. Do you have datas about the difference of power beetween the 2?

2 - I had a faulty head gasket or a head lift. Cylinders 1 and 2 (the farest from throttle/jets) were faulty. I Wonder if there is a link with first issue (too lean?)
I also Wonder if the balance of meth is good enough. As my head and plenum will be machined, I Wonder if drilling plenum and put 4 injectors (instead of jets in intake piping) in front of each cylinder would have better results and a better balanced flow.
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