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Default WM Injection Failsafe Idea

Looking for opinions on this.

I have a Aquamist/Hydramist injection kit on one of my cars.

I got a 4door version of the same car and decided to build my own water meth injection set-up.
The pump was going to be an issue, the prices are high especially when buying from Canada.

I searched the internet for alternatives to running an expensive liquid pump and found two insane injection set-ups, one was insane genius using boost pressure to deliver injection before the turbo, the other was insane crazy using a water air bladder tank that drops pressure and system delivery with use.

The boost pressure set up was Rice Racing's, I thought I would never be making 26psi but loved the idea of running a pressurized tank.

I bought an very affordable permanent mount air pump and built a 3 tank water injection system.

I really like the aquamist flow sensor as a failsafe.
I tried to add all the failsafes I could to my system but without running a control board was limited to low tank level boost cut and low tank pressure boost cut. I added hall sensor to the solenoid valves and indicator LED's but just because the solenoid is energized doesn't mean the valve body opened or the lines/nozzles are flowing.
Because I am cheap I am doing everything bass ackwards and using water/meth injection to increase boost beyond the 21psi factory timing limit (the one I imagine is there), figure I have no control over factory timing, when people run water meth they advance timing to take advantage of it. Why not combine water/meth and factory timing.

I looked into making my own liquid flow monitor boost cut failsafe but the cost and effort on a homemade kit would be to great.

The car runs an old innovate motorsport XD-16 wideband gauge (multi gauge), unlike all the other Innovate gauges the XD-16 gauges uses the wideband controllers stereo jack to get reading, these leaves two auxiliary, programmable outputs on the wideband controller, 1 is programmed to deliver a simulated (more accurate) narrow band signal to the factory ECU allowing full control of air fuel ratio's in closed loop o2 operation.

This leaves a second programmable auxiliary wideband output.

For 5 years I have though about how to monitor the water/meth injection and cut boost if the system fails. All my ideas involved monitoring the delivery side of the WM system.
Why not monitor the results of the water meth system.

These cars run best at 11.8 - 11.3 A/F ratios and I went with the 1 part less air rule and run 10.8 - 10.3 A/F ratios.

My Idea is to use the auxiliary programmed signal, a pressure switch and a Beüler BU-509TD Time Delay Relay, Delay to Off, 20/30 Amp 12VDC, SPDT to cut boost if air fuel ratio's climb to 11.0 above a certain boost.

First the Beuler Bu-509td relay, it gets its positive coil signal from pin 30, pin 86 is a positive voltage trigger that operates with signals as low as one volt and reacts to ms signal duration's every time pin 86 receives a signal the timer is started, if a second signal is received the timer restarts, the timer is adjustable from 2 seconds to 3 minutes. These are two way relays.
They also make a 1 second to 1 minute delay on relay.


The set-up would be simple:
- The N.O. pressure switch would be set to a pressure above normal boost (which is 21psi) and connect to the intake manifold as a pressure source.
- The 0-5v signal from the auxiliary wideband output would connect to the pressure switch the aux out would be programmed to deliver 0V at 0.74 lambda and 5v at 0.75 lambda.
- The output of the pressure switch signal would go to the trigger of the time delay relay.

The Idea is: If above X psi manifold pressure air fuel ratio's go to 11.03 a/f 0.75 lambda the time delay relay shuts the water meth boost relay for the preset duration.

Without the ability or desire to program a controller for this I am limited to a set up that reacts to signals.

My concern is that the pressure switch reacts slower than the wideband and causes relay trigger signals while shifting, however the aux wideband signal refresh rate or sensitivity is programmable.

Can anyone think of something I have overlooked (aside from running engine management and saved time with better results)?
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