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  1. Maintain your system!
  2. Injecting water into a rich a/f mixture is not a good idea
  3. Worst cases?
  4. Direct port injection
  5. Implementing boost/ignition cut
  6. Aquamist safeguards!
  7. ion sensing knock control
  8. An idea to reassure WI users and prevent catastrophic damage
  9. Another idea N+1
  10. Primer pump
  11. Automated default to highly tuned non-WI map
  12. What will work with the Eaton M90
  13. Electonic TCS and WI? Any risks
  14. WI pressure gauge ideas
  15. Need help finding Pilot Valve for safety device
  16. What PSI?
  17. Improving my system
  18. DDS3
  19. Using Float to Failsafe with MF2.
  20. Checkvalve failure
  21. Where to start
  22. Detonation prevention effects quantified?
  23. aquamist and Volvo 850 corrosion warning
  24. Injecting water/methanol mixture
  25. 03WRX - Aquamist System 2D with FIA2 - Freqent Priming Issue
  26. How much water/meth to the fuel is best?
  27. Droping pressure on the supercharger
  28. Choosing the Proper Tank
  29. vintage Blown JAP 500cc in midjet speed car
  30. Considering w/m injection for my supercharged z4m
  31. Is it possible to failsafe a centrifugal supercharger
  32. Pump overheat protection
  33. Running Pure Meth - Use UEGO as failsafe?
  34. Led 5th injector notification
  35. methanol handling and care. reply needed
  36. Potential problems using wiper fluid
  37. Cleaning your nozzle
  38. What exactly is Tephra alt-map fail safe
  39. Nozzle Problem
  40. Methanol vapour release on in-car tank
  41. aliuminum inlet
  42. Flow detect systems still available ?
  43. Correct Check Valve Jet Reassembly
  44. 2C System With DDS2 Wiring
  45. HFS3 SS Tubing
  46. Pump life. How long? I give up!