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  1. can water injection effectively replace over-rich a/f ratio
  2. Can water injection effectively replace 100 octane race gas?
  3. Where to place nozzles?
  4. water injection and spark plugs
  5. Don't get it!
  6. powerloss from WI/tuning for WI
  7. System Design - What works best?
  8. Toyota Supra 3.0i Turbo - which system is the best
  9. Effects on various parts
  10. aquamist flow
  11. Jet distance from throttlebody
  12. Water or water/methanol, which is best?
  13. witch auqamist nossle to use
  14. Need Help now...please.. 249.585 mph
  15. Have low air intake temps, need better knock suppression
  16. Pump wiring
  17. Compression ratio from hell
  18. IC vs. WMI
  19. Comparison of different systems?
  20. Water Injection System????
  21. How many miles!!!
  22. WI, NOS, Propane Injection, Cryo Air Intake etc etc
  23. Water Pressure for 1S kit ?
  24. trying to decide between Aquamist 1s and 2s systems
  25. 03 f-250 6.0L
  26. Has anyone noticed gas is BAD lately?
  27. performance
  28. Would Water Injection be of any benefit running 10psi boost
  29. pre-charger water injection
  30. WI on a Saab 9K Aero
  31. Power Benifits of water injection
  32. ECUtek / Aquamist
  33. System 2e
  34. Installation on Legacy B4
  35. 2D not working
  36. Installation on a Ga14 N/A
  37. Setting up my 2s!
  38. water injector
  39. How can you identify each nozzle and how many can you run?
  40. Pressure of 2d ?
  41. WRX Wiring Diagram
  42. How accurate are these statements about Water injection?
  43. Aquamist 1s or 2d
  44. Average water consumption
  45. aquamist jets
  46. AFR weak on cold days
  47. air fuel ratios
  48. Looking for recommendations for a supercharged Alfa
  49. freezing
  50. Water Injection in turbocharged Volvos
  51. Evo 8 Trunk Mount Pump
  52. Small displacement turbodiesel info?
  53. OEM Intercooler water spray systems, and WI systems
  54. Temperature logging
  55. Inovation my friends, inovation.
  56. WI with N20?
  57. poor dyno results for WMI
  58. Aquamist pump psi and flow rates...
  59. HSV for extra accuracy?
  60. Fiat Coupe 20vt Aquamist/ ECU timing dyno results :-)
  61. general tuning (with WI) questions
  62. location and setting for subaru
  63. Best configuration?
  64. Major differences between in-port and post IC injection?
  65. Straight waters effect on the A/F of a wideband O2 meter?
  66. Is WI the best option for me???
  67. Jackson Racing WI, HELP!!!!!!
  68. lets mix water and gas
  69. Nozzle Size Recommendation
  70. questions before going W/I
  71. is WI an alterative to IC
  72. hitting boost ceiling w/ WI?
  73. use the intercooler water spray tank on sti7 ?
  74. Question
  75. Injector Placement - bendy piping !
  76. N2O + H20 - Where to put the injector?
  78. aquamist effect on my sti7
  79. High humidity?
  80. Water injection - Any effect on standard Focus RS?
  81. Aquamist Jet flow and psi
  82. Should I do Pre-supercharger or Post-supercharger
  83. 3800 Series II M90 Alky spacer
  84. How much did a 50/50 mix effect knocklimit?
  85. Inlet temps
  86. Approximate time to tune for water injection?
  87. best size for better knock correction ?
  88. With water injection, is a cold air intake worth it?
  89. Water/Alcohol Injection for Road Racing?
  91. Water and AFR
  92. Adjusting Compression using WI
  93. gains
  94. Throttle body iceing??? w/ photo
  95. Nickelsil Cylinders....
  96. LED wiring for WI activation
  97. What kind of set up on a 1000bhp vw engine?
  98. Smokey Yunick's WI Adiabatic engine
  99. Water injection worth it?
  100. Nozzles and de rating
  101. How many 0.3mm jets can a 1s kit run?
  102. Jet size Porsche!
  103. Where to put nozzles on intake manifold, even distribution?
  104. vacuum injection
  105. Water injection on 18psi supercharged 1600cc (Toyota 4AGZE)
  106. Will atomisation occur?
  107. Homemade wateriinjection questions....
  108. Questioning effectiveness of WI - only 5 celsius less!
  109. how much money
  110. Hi i am new, and have Questions. :D
  111. My cordia turbo, Methanol injection. Im new every 1.
  112. When do i inject the methanol mixture
  113. Nitrous and methanol injection at the same time
  114. Video of my methanol injection, on my white cordia
  115. WI based on Fuel delivery or maniflod pressure?
  116. How much ignition advance with WI?
  117. aquamist nozzle quick connect.
  118. Location of the nozzle for caldina GT4 (3sgte)
  119. Water Atomization & Smooth Manifold Walls
  120. Windshield wiper fluid pump enough for cleaning only?
  121. Methanol and aluminum blocks
  122. constant running pump!
  123. System 2d fault. Constantly Injecting. Help please....
  124. back to back testing
  125. hello, im new too the forum with a couple of q's
  126. Where to buy methanol/water mix, or is wahser fluid okay?
  127. Small CC,Big Boost & Cast Piston's+ W.I
  128. extra 4mm hose
  129. W.I VS Cry02
  130. Air temp drop with WI
  131. ECU connection
  132. turning up the boost
  133. Opinions on my charge temps/ AFR please
  134. Blocked Jet detection on a 2C kit can it be done?
  135. injection fluid distribution in R53 MINI Cooper S
  136. Water won't go in!
  137. holding your engine at full throttle for long periods?
  138. Before and after water injection pictures?
  139. Newbie with a supercharged monaro
  140. What to use for charge cooling?
  141. My RR results
  142. ECU Pulling timing with and without water injection.
  143. Jet sizes .... ?
  144. Jet location on a turbo Focus...
  145. Using nitrous nozzles instead of aquamists?
  146. Rally car powertrain setup?
  147. Aquamist 1S Pump Slowdown ?
  148. Rich AFR's when running 50% Methanol Water Injection......
  149. Water/Meth Tank options
  150. Few questions
  151. Too much water....?
  152. With and without power runs...
  153. Need help to calculate.
  154. safty problem
  155. Gasoline, Methanol, AFR, Lambda, and Stoichiometry.
  156. Preturbo injection.
  157. Colour additive for water/meth mix?
  158. mysterious methanol leak
  159. Aquamist system on 04 STi Impreza?
  160. Help -Pump not pumping
  161. Acquamist on a Golf IV 1.6 105HP (gasoline)
  162. using 2 injection systems, one pre intercooler, one post
  163. What size Nozzle
  164. e85 / bioethanol and water injection ?
  165. Water/Meth on a non-tuneable ECU
  166. Using rising rate regulator and misc tech. talk
  167. Water/meth and 02 sensors?
  168. FAO - Richard
  169. fiberglass tank
  170. Post throttle vs Pre throttle
  171. injector size pre turbo/pre throttle body
  172. Larger pre-pump hose?
  173. Show us your tank
  174. 2004 Freestar WI ?
  175. Nitromethane sources still availible?
  176. methanol supplies?
  177. Before and after results?
  178. We're would you put the injector/injectors?
  179. Looking for a Water:Meth ratio vs cooling chart
  180. Hello. L200 owner - planning a kit. Lots to learn.
  181. Docs and info...
  182. Aquamist Explained In Detail
  183. Effect of water's expansion on combustion pressure
  184. What causes flames with meth?
  185. Mechanical Pump
  186. Mounting a pump in the fenderwell
  187. Water injection and cylinder pressure
  188. Perrin PW2 System Issues
  189. Perrin PW2 System Issues
  190. Fuel cut rev limiter w/ HFS6
  191. Water/Meth Flow vs. Water Flow Efficiency
  192. Injection nozel
  193. Optimum droplet size?
  194. Please explain how
  195. Aquamist nozzle flow testing
  196. Nozzle sizes
  197. Controling individual cylinder WI with PWM
  198. Using methanol as auxiliary fuel (and associated questions)
  199. direct port injection on a TDI.
  200. wi and octane
  201. LPG and Water/Methanol injection
  202. Storing M1 methanol + Pre-mix 'outside'?
  203. On the right track?
  204. Pump duty cycle
  205. Need some help
  206. New to WMI and Aquamist
  207. Hardware for pure meth
  208. Need Help building water spray system with Aquamist parts
  209. Using plugs for nozzle mounting?
  210. One or two nozzles?
  211. Effective pump duty cycle
  212. Which step for avoiding detonation on 87?
  213. nozzle size