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  1. Aquamist IIC effect on Ignition Timing on Turbo Motor
  2. how to install?
  3. Help!!!! aquamist 2d
  4. New here and have a few ?'s
  5. Supercharger applications
  6. Intelligent Intercooler spray --> WI Controler
  7. When to activate Water injection?
  8. lots of problems need help and advise
  9. ems for WI
  10. Help! 1s probs
  11. Need Part # for HSV so I can get a new one!
  12. DIY water injection questions and ideas!
  13. Supercharged %.0 Mustang
  14. Think I may need twin pumps ?
  15. Aquamist adjustable pressure switch - which way?
  16. DIY accumulator
  17. water jet/s location
  18. New member needs help
  19. Dangers of airleaks
  20. 2 stage injection
  21. Diesels and WI
  22. Pipes and Filters
  23. Jet calculation? how to figure out what size jet to use?
  24. Aquamist 2s solenoid and FIA2
  25. Limits of the Aquamist HSV
  26. questions on 2d system on a wrx stage 4?
  27. Need Help on setting up a WI system
  28. water injection and turbo spool
  29. General questions on Aquamist
  30. Aq 2D pump in the trunk. Where to mount the pressure sensor?
  31. Newbie to WI
  32. Where to spray the water before or after the MAF
  33. Placement of Jet in a FMIC WRX setup
  34. WI on a 1.8T GTI
  35. maximum flow for 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, and 0.6 mm Aquamist nozzles
  36. DIY Venturi system
  37. Hi i'm new - but have water injection - advice needed
  38. Dyno numbers?
  39. Rotary Water Injection Set Ups
  40. Aquamist 2D. Is it ok to put the jet on the top of intake?
  41. PWM water injection?
  42. What do you recommend? Supercharged Miata @ 8psi
  43. Help with choosing an aquamist setup....
  44. URD Custome Aquamist water injection kit????
  45. Fuel Cell Foam and WI
  46. Questions on selecting correct WI for my supercharged Miata
  47. Aquamist 2D. How can one turn on the W/I by button?
  48. where to get this fitting
  49. Tuning: EGTs after adding water injection
  50. What systems have you used and have experience with?
  51. GMC Typhoon with WIS : Amount of water needed ?
  52. Supercharged Miata: where to place the nozzle?
  53. Leaking water at the Aquamist 2D HSV valve
  54. Need help designing system for mustang
  55. Question for Aquamist and water pressure selection
  57. Best place to buy Aquamist parts
  58. Location of nozzle in STi
  59. ShurFlo vs. Aquamist Pump...
  60. pump location
  61. Accumulater???
  62. WI good for high comp turbo cars?
  63. Aquamist 2s Install on a Rotary -----> The journey has be
  64. Replacing I/C with WI - Need Help Please!
  65. how much boost on 93 octane? W/O any injection
  66. 2d system, rpm turn-on
  67. Wi on turbo gsxr-1000
  68. Intake too cold for WI?
  69. Going to be installing a WI need some quick help...
  70. Water injection in exhaust to reduce backpressure
  71. WI on NA engine(to be SC-ed)
  72. Need Help 2s Install, completely stumped
  73. Pre-turbo water injection with intercooler.
  74. Power loss from WI / Tuning for WI
  75. Water Tank Suppliers
  76. Good Setup for Water Injection ??
  77. which jet after upgrading from 1s to 2d
  78. Timing advance?
  79. best method of activation
  80. Hidden costs of water injection? - life of various parts
  81. 2003 EVO VIII, Is WI for me?
  82. Driving Aquamist 2c high speed valve with stand alone EMS
  83. First WI stage before blow-off-valve???
  84. 900 bhp system design? Whats best?
  85. on off or gradient
  86. Ambient temperature
  87. Switch pull before water?
  88. Adding a manual switch to disable pump?
  89. Water Injection and Lambda Sensor
  90. Lost Torque but Gained HP
  91. Plug Gap
  92. Need Help right NOW ! ! Please..249.585 mph !!
  93. Controlling the aquamist system.
  94. air - fuel mixture when running track days and H2O tuning?
  95. kit just came in, have some questions?
  96. Injecting prior to turbo comp' impellers
  97. basic mounting question aquamist 2d
  98. Charged performance - Whipple blower question.
  99. Aquamist pump won't prime
  100. extreme bogging?
  101. More Boost with M45
  102. Getting more flow from your pump, next idea
  103. Charged Focus
  104. Selecting nozzles is this wright
  105. Yet another Aquamist jet size question
  106. New to WI, looking for input...
  108. inlet temps with a turbo - danger levels?
  109. AUDI A6 2.7 TWIN TURBO D2 System HELP
  110. Water injection leaks when engine is on ??
  111. 0.8 to big???
  112. Ford bronco w/powerdyne@6psi
  113. Experience with Audi 1.8l 225hp WIS ?
  114. twin-turbo, twin pump, twin HSV and 6 jets for 1000BHP+!
  115. Homemade water injection kit......
  116. WI info needed for supercharged 2.2
  117. instructions to install aquamist system 2D
  118. Aftermarket knock sensor???
  119. Aquamist 2C or 2D on a 2001 Miata
  120. Flow of my setup
  121. Installation advice needed on a 1.8l 20VT VAG engine
  123. Pre-Supercharger WI with System 2D
  124. Rough start after WI installation...
  125. 98 RON Fuel + Water Injection/Methanol = RON ?
  126. System 1s on Volvo V70R
  127. How much more timing advance???
  128. New to WI, lots of questions
  129. pre IC spray
  130. WI on a VW 16V engine, anyone ?
  131. Flow to compensate higher ambient temp
  132. Water and Propane injection
  133. Where to buy in line check valve?
  135. Has anyone done a Audi 2.7T water injection kit.
  136. Newbie on this board. Thought you might want to see my set
  137. Shurflo pump rebuild kits??
  138. Accumalater
  139. Installation Question
  140. What can I use for injection?
  141. when should the water be injected??
  142. Washer bottle set up for water injection
  143. Jet location (Again)
  144. Additional safety !!!!!
  145. Jackson Racing waterinjection
  146. FIA 2 - 2 pumps and 2 HSV's
  147. How to maintain 100psi with 20psi manifold pressure?
  148. WI quantity calculations
  149. DDS output signal, is one available
  150. Tuning for water injection: fuel, ignition, and EGT
  151. Intercooler change
  152. Injection while cruising and general setup questions
  153. WI / Fuel controllers
  154. Please can some come to the rescue!!!!!!!
  155. Water/Methanol Injection - how is it done?
  156. Enviromental conditions ?
  157. Understanding the theory (long post)
  158. what size nozzle should i use
  159. ECU - closed loop / open loop
  160. Symptoms of too much Water Injection
  161. Pre-compressor injection: could it induce surge?
  162. System 1s on Volvo S40
  163. Problems running Shurflo w/o pressure switch?
  164. Pre Turbo Injection Recorded Temps
  165. Problems injecting water just before the MAF?
  166. My HSV has stopped working, can it be repaired?
  167. Pre Turbo Injection Recorded Temps 2
  168. What Have You Done to Your Ingition for the WI?
  169. 1/8" BSP thread type
  170. More water = ecu pulling timming.
  171. .3mm aquamist jets
  172. Gelf, can I ask you to do a test on this set up?
  173. Pre Turbo Injection - How Much and When to Inject
  174. Boost, Temp, stoich display + WI control
  175. Tuning: Wide Band O2 Sensors - and Water/Methonol Injection
  176. Math Check
  177. Experiment suggestion for Gelf
  178. lower egt and turbine power
  179. Water ratios VS full mapping?
  180. Liquid or vapor Meth for power enhancement?
  181. Jet Sizing for WRX
  182. Boost rise pre-blower water injection
  183. Injector harness and ecu with aquamist 2d system
  184. Voltag to open HSV, Pulse width for HSV, HSV longevity.
  185. multi port water injection
  186. SRT-4 High Octane Mode discussion.
  187. pressure switch adjustment
  188. help with pressure switch adjustment
  189. What boost pressure should I set the WI to come on at
  190. Introduction
  191. jet size
  192. 2D is amazing
  193. Using a Wolf 3dV4 ECU
  194. Water only affects on o2 sensor readings
  195. GC8 WRX + GEMS and System 2c
  196. Tune with race gas, then use tune for WI?
  197. 2c or 2d for 02 WRX with UTEC
  198. no water went faster and with detonation?
  199. More Water, More Air Flow ??
  200. Mapping HSV duty cycle against speed / load / inj Dc??
  202. Using water injection instead of an intercooler?
  203. Pump operation
  204. Water for SC'd SUV?
  205. Jet sizes / coding
  206. General Advice as to whether WI is the way to go...????
  207. Shurflo Longevity
  208. Nozzle position
  209. pressure regulator
  210. Safe to inject pre-blower on roots type (Eaton MP-62)?
  211. setting up a direct port water injection system.
  212. 97 GTP
  213. Questions about 2D before purchase
  214. Shopping list.. HELP!
  215. Shurflo based system teething problem?
  216. Can we add a propane injection forum?
  217. Boot installation and primer pumps.
  218. 2 0.4mm jets better than 1 0.8mm jet?
  219. Pulse width control of pump + thoughts for my car.
  220. Temperature-based trigger?
  221. Golf FSI Turbo GTI; Jet placement and 2D setup? UPDATED
  222. Aquamist on my home-made turbo beater?
  223. 7psi boost + N2O + WI....thoughts?
  224. Results with WI on a V-8 w/Roots blower?
  225. Blown Ford 302 + which WI system?
  226. Nozzle placement pre-charge cooler on Fiat Coupe 20VT
  227. Pre/post SC WI
  228. Good quality boot mounted water tank?
  229. help with tuning
  230. Fuel Injectors as Water/Meth Injectors
  231. Link for "Papers and Links" forum
  232. rotory users
  233. Averaging MAP and MAF for input to controller
  234. how does WI affect spool?
  235. 2valve blown mustang info???
  236. Aquamist jets
  237. newbie question
  238. Sorry, Jet size question
  239. Problem With Aquamist 1S . . .
  240. Fuel Rail Cooling, next generation of aquamist?
  241. water injection *causing* detonation?
  242. 2d on WRX--never fires?
  243. Compressor after 1 year of precompressor injection.
  244. Water Injection Newbie ?'s
  245. 50/50 methanol-water Vs. water
  246. Jackson racing WI priming problems
  247. Stand Alone help
  248. 2d system on 94 RX-7: pump running continuously?
  249. 04 STi WI on all the time ::FIXED::
  250. What alternatives do I have in Germany?